Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Moving Up?

The Man in the cell has moved up in the world.

I have received a care package form my mother. I feel well tonight, but I still wish I could speak with my close friends. I’m struggling from day to day...... in a constant argument with myself. The argument that two years is not that long. Oh but, heavens knows it is a long time. Time seems the same here on the inside....nothing ever seems to change. I know that it does change....on the outside. I have done time before and I know just how much the outside can change in three years. Back home where there once was a road that only had cornfields on either side, now has stop lights and a Wal Mart. There is a variety of fast food joints and even a liquor store. The neighborhood where I spent my childhood has changed. The houses are the same, but the trees.... the trees once climbable have now become titans. Never the less, happiness shines forth this evening. Pop there goes the lights, I wonder if my readers will remember what that means. My mood is pleasant, because I was able to enjoy my new possessions. Receiving that package from my mother was just like the Christmas mornings of long ago! Those “care packages” will be the closest thing to Christmas mornings I will feel for the next two years. Though I received nothing more than books, they are one of the few things I will own over the next two years that cannot be taken away.

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