Thursday, July 16, 2009

My New Location

Several changes have occurred in my situation in the past two months. None of which I had any notice or control over. I have delayed in updating my readers until the dust settled. Here is my current situation....

My Location
I am currently incarcerated at a DOC holding facility in Brazil, IN. The facility is a newly built county jail for this area. The state pays the county for holding inmates for the state. Unfortunately, inmates held at the county level are not afforded the same opportunities that can be had at the state level. For example, at the state level there is outdoor recreation, exercise equipment, ability to hold a “state” provided job. There are educational and drug treatment programs also available at most state prisons. Visitation consist of a ‘video’ phone visit here at this jail, but at the state level you are allowed ‘contact’ visits. I will discuss these programs and opportunities in depth in later blog entries. I must, in all honesty, point out that this Brazil facility does have an indoor recreation area that contains a ‘jungle gym’ loosely translated as fancy monkey bars. There is also a drug/alcohol treatment program, but it is not recognized by the state. These ‘holding facilities’ can hold an inmate for up to two years. I have much more to say, but for now I must close..........til next time.